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27 May 2015


A busy night for club members with several sets of competition images to judge. There was the Digital Set competition with a large variety of Autumnal images along with the Digital Open competition where any image is allowed and similarly a set of print open images and to top it all, today was the day that the 2015 Photochain would commence with the members deciding the first image in the competition where the link was "Food"


Judging commenced just after 7-30pm and was promptly followed by a computer error that threw everyones plans out. Whilst completing a quick computer reset, the club members went off to judge the print images marking their favourites from 1st to 4th.


With the glitches out of the way the club members started reviewing the digital set entries, giving the images points for technical apects as well as interest and aesthetics. There were a number of images to go through, so it took a while to complete the task after which the results were compiled and the winners sorted.

Winner Digital Set

The Colour of Autumn Leaves

Gary Tindale

Winner Digital Open

Clouds On Clouds

Karen Duxbury


Winner to start the 2015 photochain, Link "Food"


Gary Tindale


The digital open competition is even more difficult to judge as with no theme the range of subjects is unlimited. Still, the club members went through the images and came out with a clear winner. An image of a very popular photographic destination for Perth photogs, the old boatshed in Crawley A clever image taken at dawn.


Winner Print Open


Alana Clark


There were only a few print entries this month, but as usual the quality of the images was very high and it was difficult to pick a winner. In the end there were very few points between the images, but Alana Clark won out with the lovely picture above.


The final judging of the night was to choose an image to start off the 2015 Photochain where the committee had set the initial link as "Food"


With the photochain, the link does not have to be the key subject of the image, but the link must appear in the image somewhere. There were 10 varied images entered, but it was Gary Tindales image of an Emu tucking in to a sandwich that won through and led to the next link in the chain "Brown"


Thanks to everyone for a fun evening and for the efforts in voting for the images. All the divisions were VERY close and it continues to show how much the club members are building in confidence and ability.


Now to start taking images for June



2 May 2015


Club members were invited by the owners to photograph the animals at the Cuddly Animal Farm in the Swan valley ( Several members took them up on this opportunity and turned up for a morning or afternoon shoot. Prior to the morning shoot there was a brief discussion about composition and camera settings to suit animal photography along with a handout (available in the members area).


It was a really pleasant morning and before long the club members dissappeared off around the site to capture not only the animals, but also some of the features and people.


Whilst it was quiet when we first started, the farm soon became quite busy as families turned up and there were numerous opportunities make the most of the time.


Mid morning, everyone then gathered back near the entrance for a chat and free cup of tea or coffee and to discuss how photogenic the animals were.



The owners had given us unprecedented access to the site and just before lunch, a number of us were alowed into one of the aviarys to capture the birds. This turned out to be quite a session, with inquisitive birds checking us out and our cameras. It was also great as with only a little bit of patience we could get really close to capture them.





After the break it was back to photo taking and making the most of the day. Even though the sun was getting a bit high in the sky, there were still opportunities to be found.


Unsure where to go to next, Nigel decided to take the tractor train and see what was around, aparently finding a few nice spots on the way.


With the animals being so used to human interaction, it was possible to get extremely close to them, even some that would not be on the "up close and personal" list normally.



During the final part of the day, it was time to try and capture the frenzy that was the children feeding the lambs and piglets. From everyone sat down calmly waiting, as the animals were brought out all hell let loose as they tried to get to the milk and the handlers tried to keep everything under control.



All in all, the members had a really geat day at the Cuddly Animal Farm and I'm sure a number of images will end up in competitions at some time.


Many thanks have to go to the owners for their kind opportunity and their assistance on the day.




22 Jan 15


And so it begins, another year of SVCC begins. More opportunities to learn, more opportunities to take photos and more social opportunities with like minded photo Nuts.


As normal, the first event is the Meet and Greet to be held on 28 Jan 2015 from 7-30pm at the Grapevine in Ellenbrook. Existing members are encouraged to attend and pay their subscriptions for the year and prospective members are cordially invited to join us during the evening, to meet the club members find out more about the club and its activities and hopefully we can pursuade you to join what is a very active and sociable photography club.


Although the evening is predominantly a meet and greet, we have harnessed the support of Russel from Midland Camera house and he will be on hand with some of his team and suppliers to show us some nifty accessories in order to tempt us to depart with our hard earned cash and any money from Christmas (OK, that's stretching it :-))


We will also have several club members on hand who will be more than happy to discuss your camera and photography with you, giving out free advice to novices and discussing the finer points of various techniques with more seasoned photographers.


It will be an evening for anyone with an interest in photography, who wants to be part of one of the most active, friendly and social photographic clubs in WA.


See you there


The Grapevine in Ellenbrook



14 September


club outing, this time a pleasant afternoon enjoying and photographing the spring wildflowers in Kings Park.


Meeting up at 3-30pm, we all partook of the mandatory coffee and chat before heading offf to get up close and personal with the flowers blooming across the park.


With plenty of advice on hand for the novices (and anyone who happened to be listening in) it wasn't long before everyone was making the most of the wonderful afternoon light to capture flowers in all their glory.


After a while the group split up a little as people headed off to try and get that competition winner and some walked quite a distance before realising they then had to carry all their gear back up the hill.


As the sun started to settle behind the trees everyone made it back to the cafe for a final catch up and discussuion about the afternoons shooting, then it was off to the cars to head home for a bit of reviewing and post processing.


All in all, a great afternoon well attended by the club members




27 August


Another competition evening over. Yet more quality images entered into both the digital and print divisions. Judging this month was by Alex Cearns who very kindly gave up her Wednesday evening to join us a the Grapevice and review our images.


Once again, the quality of the images was very high and it was difficult to choose the winners, but Alex managed it, along with delivering some great critiques on each image, what she thought and how they may be improved.


All the digital images are aailable in the Gallery located here


The winning print images are below


Print Winner
Golden Grain

Harry McDonald


Print 3rd Place
Family In A Bubble

Alana Clarke

Print Honourable Mention
Nigel Clarke

Print 2nd Place

Old Gun Battery

Gary Tindale



12 August 2014


Tonight was judging night for the 2nd annual interclub competition. Last year there were three clubs involved, but this year we extended the event to include 5 clubs in the area. Swan Valley Camera Club (SVCC), Northam Photographic Group (NPG), Mundaring Camera Club (MCC), Bickley Valley Camera Club (BVCC) and Foothills Camera Club.


The portfolios of 10 images on the set theme of "Pathways and Trails" had all been submitted and judged and as the winners of the inaugural 2013 competition, MCC were our hosts for the evening.


Everyone arrived in plenty of time for the start and immediately started discussing the images as they were displayed in random order on a rolling presentation. Eventually, SVCC secretary and Interclub organiser Hilton Linklater took the floor and announced the individual image winner, Louise Kelly, with her image "Fruit Tree Avenue"


The overall winning image, Fruit Tree Avenue by Louise Kelly from Bickley Valley Camera Club


After reviewing all the images in the slideshow again, there was a short tea break where everyone again chatted photography, but this time over some drinks and food. Then it was time to announce the winning portfolio. Judging across the portfolios had been difficult, but the winning club for 2014 was announced as Bickley Valley Camera Club and they were presented with the perpetual trophy (sponsored by Masters DIY)


All the club portfolios can be viewed on our galleries page here




28 May 2014


As the year progresses the quality of the images entered into the various competition divisions seems to be getting better and better. Consequently, the judging becomes more difficult. Tonight it was Brooke Desmond who was judging the images in the Still Life competition, as well as the digital and print open divisions. With over 35 images all up, it was no easy task, and the end results highlighted this, with only one or two points separating all the places.


In the Digital set (Still Life), Nigel Clarke achieved his inaugural first place with his image "Unplugged", closely followed by Harry McDonald with his image "Pencils" and Barry Ooi's colourful Image "Still Burning"


Unplgged by Nigel Clarke
Winner -Digital Set

Pencils by Harry McDonald

Second - Digital Set

Still Burning by Barry Ooi

Thitd - Digital Set


In the Digital and Print open divisions things were just as close, with Harry McDonald winning the Digital Open division with his image "Autumn Leaf" and Gary Tindale taking out the print title with "Who are you calling a baboon?"


Autumn Leaf by Harry McDonald

Winner Digital Open

Cayman by Gary Tindale

Second - Digital Open

My Habitat by Barry Ooi

Third - Digital Open

Who Are You lling A Baboon by Gary Tindale

First - Print Open

Obstacle Course by Alana Clarke

Second - Print Open

Hotel By Nigel Clarke

Third - Print Open



26 Feb 2014 - First Competition Judging Night 2014


First competition judging night of 2014 and we had a good turn out of members to listen to the judging of Sean from Midland Camera House. With the digital set boasting almost 30 entries there was a lot to get through and Sean got stuck into it, providing some very positive critiques across a wide range of images of railways and associated items. In the end, the judging across the board was close, but Mick Worthington squeezed out an extra point to win with his image "1st off the blocks"


With a wide range of images including Fireworks from Australia Day, horses galloping, flowers and birds, if anything, the digital open was harder to judge. Add in some very clever post processing and Sean had his work cut out to choose the winners, but he did and Harry McDonald came out the winner with his excellent capture of a Silver Gull.


There was only one print division this month, but there were another group of quality images displayed on the night. The judging this time actually led to a tie for second place between Gary Tindales "The Driver" and Mike Dunnes landscape "Albany Rocks". Once again though, Harry McDonald triumphed with his image "Black Winged Stilts"


(c) Copyright 2014 Harry McDonald

Black Winged Stilts by Harry McDonald
Winner Print Open

(c) Copyright 2014 Mike Dunne
Albany Rocks by Mike Dunne
Joint Second Print OPen
(c) Copyright 2014 Gary Tindale
Train Driver by Gary Tindale
Joint Second Print OPen

Click on the image for a full sized copy



End of Year Function - 11 December 2013


To celebrate another successful year of photographic escapades and some great achievements, club members enjoyed a pleasant, but not so quiet, evening of food, wine and laughter at Oscars Restaurant in Ellenbrook.


The evening was the last official get together of the club members for 2013 and was a chance to recognise the photographers who had accrued the most points in the various monthly themed and open competitions held between February and November.


Russel, the owner of Midland Camera House again showed his unwavering support and sponsorship of the club by providing the various prizes for the evening and with his partner joined everyone and presented the awards to the winners.


The various divisions had been very close throughout the year and in the end, some of the divivion winners came down to just a few points decided on the last of the competitions for the year.


This year there were four divisions, Digital Set and Digital Open for digital projected images and Print Set and Print Open for printed and mounted images. The final award is for the Photographer of the year which is awarded to the photographer with the highest overall score across all the divisions for the year.


The awards were as follows: -


Digital Set


Joint 2nd Place - Mike Dunne and Barry Ooi

1st place - Alana Clark


Digital Open


3rd Place - Alana Clark

2nd Place - Mike Dunne

1st Place - Harry McDonald



Print Set


3rd Place - Alana Clark

2nd Place Mike Dunne

1st Place - Harry McDonald


Print Open


3rd Place - Alana Clark

2nd Place - Barry Ooi

1st Place - Harry McDonald


Photographer of the year


Harry McDonald


Congratulations to the winners

Harry McDonald and Alana Clark
the recipients of the awards on the night



Volunteer Breakfast - 6 December 2013


Members of the Swan Valley Camera Club committee were invited to the City of Swan Volunteer breakfast held at the Vines Golf Club and Resort on the mornng of 6th December.


One of the key aspects of the morning, apart from the opportunity to network with other local volunteer organisations and enjoy a lovely breakfast, was for the City of Swan to recognise the efforts of the numerous volunteer organisatrions and groups that support the vibrant Ellenbrook Community.


As one such organisation, SVCC were recognised as a valuable part of the local community and received a certificate of appreciation from the Mayor of the city of Swan, the honourable Charlie Charlie Zannino.


As it was a volunteer breakfast, throughout the morning the the SVCC members volunteered to take pictures and these are available in a new gallery here



SVCC Cerificae

Click on the image for a larger version







Hilton accepting the certificate of appreciation from
the Mayor of the City of Swan, the honourable Charlie Zannino

Photograph (c) Swan Valley Camera Club


Avondale Trip - 17 November 2013


Several photographers and their partners took a scenic drive out to Avondale Discovery Farm to make the most of a photo opportunity. After a pleasant Coffee and breakfast stop at Dome in Mundaring everyone headed off towards our destination. Those with sense took the main roads, the rest of us decided to take the aggregated "off Road" track for a few kilometers as a shortcut, eventually getting to the site almost 5 minutes before those that stayed on the tarmac.


Once settled, it was off around the site to take a look at an old working farm and to capture some images, keeping clear of the snakes and spiders.


Later, everyone reconvened next to a BBQ and had lunch before another round of images and a drive around the discovery track. After the drive and a final drink break it was time to head off, and yes, most of us hadn't learnt and took the same off road route back home.


Still, it was a pleasant day for all who attended and with old buildings, farm machinery and animal barns amongst the photogenic sites, as well as Shire Horses, the odd Tiger Snake and birds, pictures from this trip will be popping up in competitions for a while yet!

The first Avondale image to wind up as a competition entry.
Photograph (c) Harry McDonald


Albany Trip - 25 - 27 October 2013


Several club members and their partners ventured South from Perth to Albany to meet up with the Albany Photographic Society (APS), the aim being to enjoy the company of some like minded lunatics from Albany and use every opportunity to get out and take photos.


Everyone had pre arranged accommodation at the Kalgan River Chalets and Caravan Park where, after being greeted by the friendly and helpful owners and settling in to the chalets we all met for a BBQ and a few drinks under the mozzies in the camp Kitchen.


On the Saturday morning, everyone had time to seek out some photo opportunities before meeting up with APS so most people hung around for a while to take pictures of the wildlife on the camp site before heading off in different directions to see some of the sites. The weather wasn't perfect - an understatement - but that was not going to stop anyone and there are various pictures from around Albany that the club members took in between the showers.


Wildlife outside the chalets

Wildlife at the chalets

Photograph (c) Gary Tindale 2013


Street shoot winning photograph

"Cart" by Thelma Symons

Photograph (c) Thelma Symons 2013

Around 1-30pm Saturday afternoon SVCC club members started turning p at the APS club room to meet up with the Albany members and discuss the plans for the afternoon over a well deserved cup of coffee. Everyone ready, it was time for all the photographers to pick up a piece of paper and find out where they had to go to take photographs. The plan was simple, using a map, head to the location specified on the piece of paper and take 10 different photos without going more than 3 metres from the location. An interesting challenge on a good day, but made more difficult by the weather. Still, everyone managed something and after returning to the club rooms, over another cup of tea or coffee everyones pictures were loaded onto the computer and viewed on the large screen.

After reviewing all the images everyone picked the best image from their selection and these were then shown again, with each person voting for their favourite. The winning photographer from the vote was Thelma Symons, a relative newcomer with the Albany Photographic Society who nearly won a holiday in the sunshine, but had to settle for a box of chocolates.


Voting over, APS served up home made soups and rolls, closely followed by snags which went down extremely well, this was then followed by scones, jam and cream just to make sure nobody was left hungry.

Everyone enjoyed the competition and made the most of the opportunity to review and critique the various images taken around Albany and definitely enjoyed the feast served up by APS, especially after contending with the "normal" Albany weather. It has to be said that Albany Photographic Society were excellent hosts and really went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

The days events over, club members made their way back to the chalets, most via a bottle shop, and then Saturday evening consisted of more drinking and socialising in the kitchen at the caravan park along with an opportunity to take photos of a Bandicoot who decided to see what pickings were available. Of course, most of us by this time had left our cameras in the chalets, but Mike Dunne quickly nipped back to the chalet for his camera to record the little chap enjoying some seeds and raisins.


Bandicoot in the campsite kitchen

A Bandicoot joining us in the kitchen

Photograph (c) Mike Dunne 2013

Sunday morning and a convoy left the chalets as we all headed towards the morning meet at Vancouver Peninsula. Sunny as we left Kalgan, unfortunately the promises of the Bureau of Meteorology were false as the weather deteriorated quickly. Still, never let it be said that we are fair weather photographers, theres always an opportunity somewhere! Undeterred, everyone got rugged up and waterproofed as well as possible and headed off to photograph anything they could find.


Despite everyones efforts, after an hour or so it was evident the weather wasn't going to improve, despite the possibilities out at the point (another hour away at least) most people turned round and trudged back to the carpark for morning tea before heading off home.


Despite the weather, the weekend was a success, everyone who attended had a great time both with camera and socially. APS were excellent hosts and everyone from SVC appreciated the effort they went to. I doubt this will be our last trip down South, and hopefully next time more club members will be able to join in and enjoy a fun, social, photographic excursion.


Albany Weather Coming In

More bad weather heading towards the photographers

Photograph (c) Gary Tindale 2013




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