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Whether you are a smart phone photographer, compact, hybrid or SLR camera user, if you enjoy taking pictures you will eventually want to learn more about the functions of your camera, find ways to take better images and learn different styles of photography, One of the best ways rto do this is through membership of a camera club.


Swan Valley Camera Club is such a place and welcomes new members regularly throughout the year. Catering for all camera users we run regular workshops about different aspects of photography, sometimes these workshops are delivered by various club members, but often by professional photographers.


Of course, there is no substitute in learning about your own personal camera than by going out and taking pictures, and SVCC cater for this as well, with regular club outings which are as much a social gathering as they are a photo taking opportuity. On these outings, novice photographers can work alongside more experienced club members to learn apects of photography hands on.

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Taking pictures is the fun part of the equation, but how do you know if your pictures are any good? How will you know what you could have done to improve?


Each month, Swan Valley Camera Club run themed and open competitions into which all financial members of the club can submit their images. Digital images will be displayed on the night and critiqued either by a professional photographer, or in some cases by the club members themselves, but never fear, the whole idea is to learn about photography, so critiques are always positive and provide valuable insight into how to improve your photo taking.


As well as the monthly competitions we also run fun competitions throughout the year and sometimes include these as an optional aspect of the outings.


All in all, Swan Valley Camera Club provides something for everyone interested in photography, so why not take the plunge and join us at one of our regular workshops, talk to us and see about taking your photography to the next level


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Membership Details


Membership of the Swan Valley Camera Club currently costs $65.00 per year, running from January 1st to December 31st and each club night costs $5.00*.


A second or subsequent financial member in the same house costs $35.00 to a maximum of $100 and each club night costs $5.00 per person*.


For club organised outings, any costs such as entry fees and overnight accommodation will be notified in advance.


Please feel free to drop in and see us on a club night at the Grapevine, or if you would like to know more, Contact us here and one of our committee will get back to you, alternatively, complete the form available here (MS Word 2007) or here (Adobe pdf) and bring it along with to one of our meetings along with your fees.


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* On ocasions, for specialist workshops the Swan Valley Camera Club may have to charge more to cover additional costs. These will always be notified to members in advance





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